With an extensive experience and expertise gathered over the years, with a multi-national team, Calgary Experts Consulting is ready to assist you in all your visa application, career placement, and student admission. With outstanding visa assistance in different countries to all individuals who wish to fulfill their dream to travel, study, work and immigrate all over the of the world. Your application handled with care by our Expert Team, we properly assessed your eligibility to find out which visa category you may be eligible.

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Why Calgary Experts?

Make A Right Career Decision

The world is full of opportunities for everyone including you. Whether you are a professional, student or businessman, there are lots of opportunities and benefits abroad. We can help you prepare for a career in the richest countries of the world.

It is possible to legally enter those countries and stay back as an immigrant. You can obtain a permanent residency visa and always return to your home.

One on One Counseling Session

Calgary Experts give you a career advice, visa and immigration laws information and documentation solution that you can use as a reference for your future application based on the suggestions given.

Profile Evaluation

Calgary Experts evaluate your profile from all the criteria of all visa category and eligibility requirements to ensure a successful application.

Career Plan

Calgary experts help you prepare and enhance your resume based on your experiences, qualification, comments and we modify it accordingly to create a final resume.

Migration Plan

After a thorough evaluation and analysis of your profile and skill assessment, Calgary Experts come up with a decision where you would have more opportunities and higher chance to migrate to your desired countries.


At Calgary Experts, we value your money, time and effort. We give you the cost estimation, time estimation to help you plan your finances and schedule.

In all visa applications involve a commitment of your time and money.